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First Press Artist - Kelly Jade King

While for the most part, perpetually close in her pursuit of Sherlock Holmes, Kelly often gets distracted by rusty things, discarded objects and brightly coloured paints. Her artistic avenues include acrylic paintings, watercolour and ink, sculpture, graphic design and photography as well as set design and interior design.

Having been lost by the circus she was chasing as a child; Kelly continues to embrace clown attire in the hope of being spotted, though customarily, she will be found in her home studio in the Hills of Adelaide, eating avocados, wearing some kind of animal hat and sprouting off creative debris of one kind or another.

Kelly's paintings are created with acrylic paints, most commonly on handcrafted plywood canvases. Her watercolour and ink pieces are lightfast and reside on hot pressed Arches papers.

Working as an artist since 2008, Kelly is self-taught in visual arts and school-taught in interior design. Rumours have it that the extraordinary and/or futile meaning of life can be discovered hiding craftily within a Kelly Jade King artwork and this may cause confusion in the pregnant, lactating or neither. If unsure, please seek your doctor’s advice.