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About us

Welcome to Edge of Glory, our modern jigsaw business!

We started this at a point in our life where some mindfulness was probably lacking...we had left family and friends and moved from Adelaide to Perth, Tasch had just finished her psychology degree at a new university and begun teaching and Guy's company was selling the website he had been brought over to manage.

In all, there was a lot of stress, distraction and clutter, so to slow things down and change focus, Tasch ordered a jigsaw on ebay.  We had no idea that single action would begin this journey.

Both of us are art geeks of sorts, so we were hoping to find jigsaws representing modern art/artists.  It quickly became clear that jigsaws are parked in the past, and thus we saw an opportunity...

Reintroduce people to the joy of jigsawing

while supporting Australian artists

The final piece of the puzzle (ahem) was to apply the Steve Jobs mantra of great packaging making the product. As such our puzzles are packed into high-end champagne style box with the picture on a scroll inside. We want to add beauty whether it is for yourselves, or as a perfect gift.

We hope you enjoy 

Tasch & Guy Turner