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game-changers that a dog doing a jigsaw?

Guy Turner

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Wait is that a dog doing a jigsaw

It's fair to say our two little dogs receive a fair chunk of our attention; and rightfully so.  These two beautiful boys provide so much love and plenty of smiles, but since we have been spending more time doing and designing jigsaws, we have noticed a bit of a behavioural change in Dexter.

It started with laying under the table on a dining chair next to us...but apparently that wasn't being involved enough. The natural escalation was to get a better perspective


Dexter inspects 'the heart of the matter' - buy it here

Adorable, right!?

But then one day we came home and this was happening

Dexter lies on 'moose de rozier' - buy it here

No damage to the jigsaw...but no new pieces done either. So, what we have learned, is while jigsaws can involve everyone, only those with opposable thumbs can actually contribute to their completion.

Hope this puts a smile on your face today :)

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