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Valentine's, Spend Money or Share Time?

Its that time of year again, when cupid is everywhere, and men are women are conned into spending too much for red roses. YES, its Valentine's Day.

Valentine's Day was initially a secular holiday celebrating romantic love or honouring one or more early saints named Valentinus. Today Valentine's day is a point of contention within most relationships. It is a time when couples for some reason start looking externally for validation on what they already know is either a crappy or awesome relationship.

We look at what the media considers an appropriate gift, a dozen roses, and then get shitty when we don't receive that or at least a surprise equal in value. Which BTW MUST be delivered to work so you can show off to workmates, how much better your partner is!

Now I am not a relationship expert, though I have been through my fair share of shitty relationships and come up trumps to have an opinion. My hubby and I are about to hit our fifth wedding anniversary (YIPPEE), and we just marked ten years of being together.
I know that doesn't sound like long but in today's throw away society, staying together for a decade, is quite an achievement. We are FAR from perfect, but we work perfectly together. When we take the time to do things, just the two of us, our bond grows, and the affection follows, AND that is what a relationship is about... NOT a dozen flowers, not trying to make each other feel shit and showing off. It is about the day-to-day & week-to-week activities that connect you both.
Romance isn't all roses

Hubby and I love hiking once a week, we regularly do 15 plus kilometres, and we get to talk about everything that is going on, share ideas and encourage each other. We also do quizzes together & we love playing board games. Most of all, we love doing jigsaw puzzles together as our different talents are displayed.

Hubby is calm, methodical and persistent. I on the other hand neurotically separate and complete the edges, then pop in to "help" every 20 mins or so. It is when we work together as a team to achieve a goal, and the reward of finishing is so gosh dang satisfying.

This Valentine's day, don't buy something cause you are MEANT TO... just do something that makes the two of you spend time together and smile together, that is what love is all about.


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