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Valentine's, Spend Money or Share Time?

Valentine's, Spend Money or Share Time?
Why do we think that Valentine's Day is a time for wasting money instead of spending time together? What is more important?

Are you taking care of yourself? A short guide to reversing screen related brain impairment

Guy Turner

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As a male in my 30s I’ve probably taken a pretty narrow view on my personal wellbeing, predominantly because I see so many of the elements of it to be a chore.  Fitness was great when it involved competitive sport…for me now it is far less thrilling when shot knees have restricted me to swim, gym, bike. Likewise with diet, cooking is my primary hobby. Juicing kale is not cooking. Reducing alcohol intake…please… Mental health is something I’m probably a bit more attuned to, but once again, if things are sliding the fixes need to be authentic to me and...