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Memories of my first jigsaw

Guy Turner


Memories of my first jigsaw

The jigsaw above is one of my earliest memories, and probably my most complete memory of my grandparents.  There were three games I loved…a snakes and ladders board with a distinctly moralistic theme of 'pride commeth', a wooden spring loaded mini pinball table (handcrafted) and this jigsaw.  To my memory we did it at least 3 times.

I learned a little bit about heraldry…ie what it is, a little bit about British geography (I have Whitby heritage, where Cook sailed the Endeavour from) but most of all I learned the value of doing something together and having something comfortable, familiar and communal to do on my next visit.

At 1,500 pieces I’m not sure how long it took each time – we had a plywood board where it could be safely tucked away till next time, but I do know my attention span for the jigsaw rivalled that of even the most ardent 6yr old with minecraft today.

Fast forward to the early digital age.  As I wasn’t a huge console gamer, the only console I ever owned was a PS1, but it too provided a strong an enduring memory.  My best friend Jez and I became that way bonding over a football management game Sir Alex Ferguson’s Premiership Manager’. 2d graphics, CERTAINLY not created with 2 people in mind…and games autoplayed to statistical formulae – not really the hallmarks to rivet boys in their late teens. But it did…for hours, nights and days.  Why? Because we did it together, talked as much as played and could walk away and come back after equal shares of triumph and frustration.

Tasch and I have a game we call Pirates, but is actually the game Loot by Gamewright (they make good games – easy to learn but strategic and balanced). It has travelled the world with us a number of times, but the most memorable games were by the river at Butterfly Resort in Chiang Mai, the idyllic setting as the dusk approached and the heat of the day dissipated.  As a game takes about 10 minutes we can play for as long or as little as we want…but with this setting the games stretched into the night.

We've found a great rhythm since we rediscovered jigsaws.  We puzzle together, sometimes concurrently, other times while the other cooks/studies/works nearby. It's great to see the progress...especially if one unlocks an area which the other was struggling on. Jigsaws don't make demands...when you sit down you know you aren't committed for hours but for as long as you need to relax, tune-in and achieve.

We invite you to create your own memories with our jigsaws; with your partner, your children or your grandparents…or put one in your meeting room at work to brighten the mood and bond a team. 

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