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Keeping up with the Jenners

Natascha Turner

Keeping up with the Jenners

I must confess that when I am not puzzling, I like to sit back and watch reality TV 
Yes, I know it's not classy or cool to admit it but, it is what it is. 
I have watched every episode of all of the Real Housewives franchise, in fact, I love everything that Bravo TV does. 
The reason for this confession is that yesterday I was watching the latest episode of Keeping Up with the Kardashians and was pleasantly surprised to see the classically chic Kendall Jenner doing a Lion King jigsaw puzzle. 

Lion King Puzzle

While showing her puzzle she said, I am doing a jigsaw, I am just that cool. Now she meant it sarcastically however, we believe she is onto something. Jigsaws can be cool and fun. An excellent way to destress after walking the catwalk and starring in your very own tv show, they can also be fun for the rest of us after an 8-10 hour day. 

If you want to be cool and keep up with the Jenners then head to our shopping cart and buy your very own puzzle. 


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