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I challenge you to a duel, of the Jigsaw kind!

When the management team from Community News in WA decided to give our jigsaw puzzles to their clients, they never imagined that a jigsaw war would break out! 

On December the 9th, 2017 Community News delivered our puzzles to the individual agencies with a WWE inspired smackdown promise... whoever finishes the puzzle first will get a WIN a six-pack of wine.

Well, that was all the encouragement two of the agencies needed. Immediately they sat down and as a team, puzzled their little hearts out. 
It seems the team from 303 MullanLowe ad agency desperately needed the wine as they finished their puzzle in five-and-a-half hours while runner-up Ad Corp finished theirs on Saturday at 6:30 pm... You heard right; they came in on a SATURDAY to complete the puzzle.

 Moose Jigsaw

Ad Corp threw the gauntlet back to 303 for a rematch and we have obliged by sending a Queen to 303 and a Moose to Ad Corp, giving a fresh, honest rematch.  A new puzzle, winner take ALL or at the very least, gets more wine. For more information on the first competition, head over to Campaign Brief  

We can see this competition being fierce for the second challenge, stay tuned.


Completed Moose

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