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My Dirty Little Secret

Natascha Turner

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I must confess my dirty little secret...
I actually like no, love spending time with my husband.
Yes! I know it's not fashionable to say things like this. As women, we are supposed to complain about how lazy they are and how they don't support our needs. This is how we bond, over a couple of wines and a lot of whining.
Let me just say; we are not perfect, but we are better together, working as a team than we are as separate individuals.
My husband's work can be stressful especially recently when the company he works for decided to sell off his branch of the business. I was studying Psychology and working with sufferers of PTSD which meant when we got home; both of us were highly strung and needed to unwind.
Our first thought was to always open a bottle of wine, but over time we noticed we were drinking more but spending more time on our mobile phones and iPads.
I tried colouring-in books but noticed that after buying about $90 worth of Faber Castle pencils, that I really wasn't great at colouring in within the lines and it ended up creating anxiety rather than reducing it.
When it comes to wanting to relax, breathe, switch off and be mindful, I don't want to colour in. Its so exclusive and a little stressful.
As my husband and I love board games, one day I jumped online and ordered a lovely puzzle off eBay. I wasn't sure we were going to enjoy it, BUT over the next two weeks, we both sat at the dining room table with music on, a glass of wine in hand and slowly but surely finished this puzzle.
My husband's and my face of PRIDE and JOY when we finally finished the puzzle made the $60 I paid for it, worth every penny.
That's when we researched puzzles and found that there are no up to date fun jigsaws. There are no hipster or funky puzzles done by artists in this day and age and that's when we came up with the idea of Edge of Glory.
For only $49.95 you will be receiving a limited edition puzzle from an Australian artist and you will be supporting our charity The Orangutan Project.
I love spending time with my husband, and I am sure I am not the only one. Switch off your television, turn off your phones and spend one hour a day puzzling. It is mutual mindfulness that also give you a sense of accomplishment at the end of the day.
So let's get puzzling!

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