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Adding the WOW factor to corporate merch

Guy Turner

Achieving cut-through in the 'merch' world is pretty tough these days. 

Last year powerbank chargers were all the rage, but despite now having a drawer full of them I can't remember when I last used one. Wine is always welcome, but upon starting a new job recently I found 6 cases of out of date Sem/Sav of questionable lineage and equally questionable corporate labelling taking up office space. Below is a picture I recently received from a radio station bit of a marketer I could only dream of such a budget; plus not entirely sure where I could borrow a small person from to make it useful.

Pleasingly, EoG is now in a position to solve the gifting & merch problem with the launch of Edge of Glory Custom Commercial.

We are about to do our first fully customisable commercial order ready for Christmas. On offer is the ability to create a beautiful & relevant bespoke jigsaw gift for clients and/or employees. Personalisation includes the following: 

1. Use an image of your choice. Use your imagination. Staff photo, the best house you sold, your favourite magazine cover, your cityscape, portrait of the boss... 

2. Customise the packaging. Our unique magnet close 'champagne boxes' can be personalised in your corporate colour with logo and messaging as desired

3. Choose your jigsaw size. Options range from 36 pieces for the attention deficient through to our standard 1,008

4. Choose your order size. We can service anywhere from 250 units minimum upwards. A 1,008 piece puzzle weighs approximately 750 grams with dimensions 140x140x280, packaged in boxes of 12

Cost will vary depending on the above customisations, but presume under $35 per unit, making it better value than a decent bottle of wine...and showing far more thought. 

Even better you will be supporting a great cause with $1 per puzzle going to Orangutang conservation - find out more here

The deadline for orders is 1 September. We provide quotes and artwork proofs on application, so get in touch now!

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