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A gin competition which won't ruin Mother

Guy Turner

Gin and mothers get a pretty bad rap.

Most of that stems from the 18th century when gin was cheap and sold as a medicinal cure-all. Like some other great medicinal cure-alls of yesteryear (heroin, cocaine, lithium, etc) it was unsurprisingly subject to abuse. In fact, a government survey in the 1730s estimated the average Londoner drank approximately a litre of gin a week. Given mainly women drank it while men drank the more expensive ale (typical)...this figure is probably closer to 2 litres per 'lady' per week.

William Hogarth’s Gin Lane (1751) at least she's smiling

Fast forward to today, and artisanal gin is making a charge up the spirits leaderboard in terms of desirability. Varied, complex, flexible and sophisticated, gin is exploding in Australia with considerably more than 100 brands, many making the most of the myriad of native botanicals which had been known as bush tucker for aeons. 

I was lucky enough to recently participate in a creative afternoon at Margaret River Distilling Co's giniversity learning all about gin, botanicals and label creation. Here's the outcome.   

This little beauty is 500ml of pure deliciousness made in the East Indian style. Touches of cinnamon and cardamom mingle with kaffir lime and Western Australian lemon myrtle, just for a local touch. I can genuinely say this is a one of a kind, single release...and this little beauty just happens to snuggle perfectly into one of our 'first press' series boxes (lucky, huh!).

As hard as it is for Tasch and I to part with this, we feel this is one we should share with our jigsaw community, so here's the deal. We think our puzzles are the best, most unique Mother's day gift out there; so anyone who buys a puzzle between now and Sunday May 6 will go in the draw to win the Queen of all prizes - The heart of the matter puzzle + this one off gin valued at...well...truly money can't buy! Keep it for yourself or give it to Mum, we won't tell. 

Remember, we offer free gift wrapping and free delivery to Mum's or your door.

Fine print you must be over 18, yada yada, Australian buyers only, refer to ts & cs yada yada

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