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157 new emojis and the puzzle is one

Natascha Turner

WHO knew there is an encyclopedia of emojis... well there is, and there is a consortium of people who choose the new emojis called Unicode.

Unicode has released a whopping 157 new emojis ranging from bagels to kangaroos to the much-maligned redhead people emoji.
However, there is one new emoji that has us 🎉🎉🍷😍

Yes you guessed it, it seems that doing jigsaw puzzles are so gosh dang popular that Unicode has made new puzzle emoji Jigsaw Puzzle Emoji
Not long now and soon you will see puzzles everywhere online WHOO HOO!

For a full list and to be up-to-date on the lastest emojis head to Business Insider  as they have done their emoji research 🤣

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